A Carnation Revolution for Europe

All democracies have a cost

..but the cost of not living in democracy is even greater.

The Troika’s intervention in Portugal led to mass bankruptcies, to the decline of the quality of public services, and to growing unemployment. A cost which was very high and in excess of our country´s capability to endure, while maintaining acceptable living standards for our citizens.

The European Union needs its own Carnation Revolution

… it needs a moment of peaceful and democratic change towards an European project at the service of European citizens and social progress, just like the Portuguese Carnation Revolution  – on the 25th of April 1974 –  led to way to a Portuguese State at the service of Portuguese citizens.

The democratization of the EU is urgent 

In order to build a democratic EU it is now essential that European citizens start to demand changes from the national governments and from the institutions of the EU.

From the South of Europe, Portugal should set an example in demanding the necessary changes in the EU to set it on the track of true democracy.

The democratization of the EU is an urgent task and a real responsibility for all progressive governments, including our own Portuguese government supported by a Left-wing parliamentary majority.

Our proposals

  • Transparency in the meetings of European institutions

  • Access to the European Court of Justice for citizens, trade unions and associations

  • The revoking of the Fiscal Stability Treaty 

  • The rejection of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

  • A European Program for the Resettlement of Refugees

  • The asphyxiation of offshore banks and fiscal havens

  • The separation between commercial and investment banking

  • The interdition of unpaid internships within the EU

  • The creation of a European minimum salary